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Hummingbird Drones explores the power of new technologies to solve life-threatening problems in the wildfire space

We believe efforts to contain wildfires are drastically enhanced by the fusion of our cutting-edge and rigorously tested software and operation. Our services range from fire suppression to collaborating on a variety of projects that touch on our expertise.


Our Services



Since 2015, Hummingbird has pioneered the application of remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) on wildfire landscapes providing aerial intelligence and data for firefighters, fire managers and decision makers alike. Today, Hummingbird is the industry leader in the wildfire market.


Providing industry leaders with solutions that increase productivity and reduce costs, Hummingbird’s aerial intelligence supports modern worksites accomplish their goals. Using visible, infrared and LiDAR data sets, Hummingbird offers trusted custom tailored solutions for clients across a range of industries.


Hummingbird’s In-Person and Online RPAS training courses help you navigate the certification process to be recognized by Transport Canada as a Basic or Advanced RPAS operator. Our training courses includes both the theory and hands-on basics required for you to pass the online exam and the flight review. 

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In our efforts to prevent new fires, we are testing a crowdsourcing technology that brings together thousands of digital workers and volunteers to look through strategically positioned cameras in vulnerable areas. Check it out and make a positive contribution today at


Our Story

Founded in 2014 by then students Robert Atwood and Richard Sullivan, Hummingbird Drones focused on the untapped potential of drones to affect the way wildfire suppression efforts were conducted. After a year of product development and beta testing, Hummingbird Drones was engaged for a trial by the BC Wildfire Service. Since then, Hummingbird expanded its offering across western Canada, providing data and intelligence to support a variety of fireline operations.


Our Clients