Hummingbird Drones (Hummingbird) provides infrared scanning, visible mapping and real-time information services for wildfire agencies, emergency responders and the natural resource sector. Based in Kamloops B.C., Hummingbird specializes in real-time data acquisition and post-processing services. Hummingbird provides in-the-field mapping solutions; provision of up to date information and data analysis; and the digital infrastructure for province-wide data distribution to managers and strategists.


  • Proven Wildfire Operations
  • Designed for ICS Integration
  • Proprietary Firefighting Technology
  • Certified for Class F Airspace
  • Operational Infrared Scanning
  • 24-Hour Spatial Awareness Services
  • Fireline Maps Updated Daily
  • On-Site GIS and Data Processing

Search and Rescue

  • Proven Nighttime Operations
  • Experience with Type 1 and Type 2 Searches
  • Live Infrared
  • Up to Date Maps of Search Areas
  • Enhanced Probability of Detection
  • Innovative Search Technology
  • Aerial Communication Platforms


  • Scanning Spring Burn Piles
  • Log Boom Counts
  • Stand Assessment
  • Chip Pile Volumes
  • GIS Mapping
  • Regen Surveys
  • Block Recces

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