Hummingbird innovates from the ground up by pioneering unmanned aerial vehicle technology in the wildfire space. Designing products based on the needs of crews while exceeding the standards and expectations of decision makers, Hummingbird has successfully engaged drones on the fire landscape since 2015.

Our operational excellence can be attributed to the proprietary hotspot detection software, Hummingbird Hover, and our award-winning team. Led by former type-1 firefighters, Hummingbird is a mission-driven company focused on the creation of products and services that increase firefighter safety and suppression efficiency.

Hotspot Detection

Hummingbird Drones specializes in up-to-date infrared scanning of fire landscapes. Providing a roadmap to firefighters, managers and decision makers, Hummingbird’s proprietary software — Hummingbird Hover — pinpoints locations of the remaining heat on the landscape.

Fire-Landscape Mapping

Hummingbird provides crews with conventional paper and digital geo-referenced maps which can be accessed on PDF Avenza. When paired with PDF Avenza, Hummingbird’s maps can be used by firefighters to track their location in real-time as they move from hotspot to hotspot.

Complementing the hotspot data on the maps is the provision of up-to-date visible imagery. This provides firefighters with an added layer of spatial awareness when conducting seek and destroy while also giving management a comprehensive overview of the landscape.

Cause and Investigation

Cause investigations are crucial, detail-oriented tasks supported by Hummingbird Drones’ photography and mapping. Tracing the origins of ignition through to conflagration, the story and history of a wildfire is more thoroughly understood through informed aerial data.


Wildfire management efforts require a holistic ecosystem approach for sustainable environmental stewardship. Hummingbird Drones can acquire data which helps to better guide the vision of fire managers. With high-quality orthomosaics, maps and HD videos, supplementing the efforts of rehabilitation specialists is simple and effective.

Night Support for Ground Crews

Hummingbird streams live, infrared footage from a drone into firefighters’ handheld mobile screens. By providing an aerial perspective of fire behaviour, crew locations and values at risk during nighttime operations, crews are safer and can work more effectively.



Wildfire Innovation Initiative

Work in wildfire suppression? Do you have an innovative idea with the potential to increase firefighter safety, efficiency or effectiveness?

The Wildfire Innovation Initiative recognises the best ideas are born in the field by those on the fireline. That’s how Hummingbird Drones came to be.

Hummingbird is giving you the opportunity to turn your idea into a business by offering startup investment, office space and access to a venture acceleration program, with all the coffee you can drink.

We’re firefighters, and we want to work with more of them. Reach out to us to learn more and make the most of your off-season.



Curious what the current wildfire situation looks like in B.C.? This map shows the location and details of all active wildfires in B.C., as well as Fire Centre boundaries.

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