Robert Atwood

Robert Atwood is Hummingbird Drones’ Director and Co-founder. A graduate of Thompson Rivers University and a former Initial Attack Wildfire Fighter, Robert has helped lead Hummingbird Drones from start-up to national leader in drone technology in the wildfire space. 


Richard Sullivan

Richard Sullivan is Hummingbird Drones’ VP, Finance Lead and Co-Founder. A former crew-leader with the BC Wildfire Service, Richard’s leadership experience and communication skills make him an integral component of Hummingbird’s mission both in the field and in the classroom. 


Stu Richey

Stu Richey is Hummingbird Drones’ Operations Lead. A former crew member with Burns Lake Unit Crew and Pemberton Heat-Seekers, Stu anchors the management of Hummingbird Drones’ field crews. 



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