Leveraging our experience with the incident command system and working as part of emergency response, Hummingbird supports local search and rescue teams with aerial data collection, data analysis and in-the-field reporting to search and rescue management.

With unique field crews designed for the rigours and challenges of high pressure searches, Hummingbird has been tasked to test the capacity of unmanned aerial vehicles in search scenarios and has been involved in a support capacity on numerous successful searches across a range of environmental and geographic conditions.

Hasty Search Support

When field operations are most time sensitive, Hummingbird is engaged to provide live streaming of infrared data to ground stations, helping search teams conduct quick searches. Hummingbird’s infrared data can be extremely effective at locating lost subjects on cold nights, covering large areas, quickly.  

Looking for Clues and Creating Maps for Searchers

By advancing the quality of aerial imagery search teams have access too, searchers are better able to look for clues while navigating challenging terrain. Through the provision of on-site data processing and quick turnaround times, Hummingbird provides these services in-the-field promptly to those who need them most.


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