Live Online

$499.99 // 3 Days

Hummingbird Drones’ Live Online RPAS Course is a comprehensive three-day UAV (Unmanned Aerial Vehicle) training course. Three days are spent in our webinar based classroom reviewing legal and safe operations theory for RPAS’ and Transport Canada regulations.

The goal of the class is to provide new RPAS operators with the basic skills and knowledge to understand and engage with Canada’s legal frame work for commercial RPAS operations. In addition to meeting Transport Canada’s RPAS training requirements for compliant operators, Hummingbird's Live Online RPAS Course includes practical operating recommendations from experts who have honed their skills after years of practical engagement with the technology.


In addition to providing the training by Transport Canada, the course provides information on how to apply your RPAS in the fields of forestry and ecological management, search and rescue, fire control, tourism and a variety of other applications.

Hummingbird’s course is a Transport Canada recognized training course that meets the industry TP15263 training standards.

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