The Future of Fire

Hummingbird Drones 13.JPG

Developing a common operating picture for emergency responders streamlines communication and understanding of events as they occur. For fire-managers, creating this information pipeline is challenging.  

Hummingbird’s Live Fire Monitoring services provide a live feed of ongoing operations. By positioning a drone at 3000 ft AGL over a wildfire, Hummingbird provides continuous coverage, day and night, of the incident as it unfolds. 

This information can be widely distributed. From fire managers on an incident, or regional decision makers hundreds of kilometers away, Hummingbird delivers information as it happens. 



Public Safety

  • Providing governments and local responders the ability to better assess decisions on issuing evacuation orders.


Firefighter Safety

  • Having eyes in the sky during operational hours keeps ground crews safe in times when they need it the most.

Cost Effective

  • Having important information sooner, fire managers can make informed decisions about the use of their resources.