Search and Rescue

Leveraging our experience with the incident command system and working as part of emergency response, Hummingbird supports local search and rescue teams with aerial data collection, data analysis and in-the-field reporting to search and rescue management.

With unique field crews designed for the rigours and challenges of high pressure searches, Hummingbird has been tasked to test the capacity of unmanned aerial vehicles in search scenarios and has been involved in a support capacity on numerous successful searches across a range of environmental and geographic conditions.



Navigating through the bush can be challenging, but Hummingbird brings the work boots and high altitude perspective to deliver results no matter the challenge. With strong backgrounds in the natural resource sectors and a diverse network of experienced forest professionals, Hummingbird provides a proven and reliable service oriented towards your forestry needs.



We offer comprehensive data collection and processing services for a range of governmental and industrial clients. Focusing on quality, professionalism and rapid product delivery, Hummingbird instills confidence in the air and distinction in our products.
Hummingbird’s crews are authorized to work across Canada and possess the experience to deliver in any environment. 


Our Clients

Hummingbird Drones’ involvement in our search and rescue operations has helped us to operate more efficiently and safely. They cover a lot of area really quickly and their experience working within the Incident Command System has proven invaluable.
— Alan Hobler, Manager, Kamloops Search and Rescue
Hummingbird Drones made using drones so simple. They’re on-site whenever we need them and have products back to us in no time.
— Ryan Keswick, Log Handling and Scaling Supervisor, Interfor Corporation