Infrastructure Assessments

Infrastructure inventory can be complex. And Hummingbird is here to simplify it. With Hummingbird’s technology, industrial partners gain a more thorough understanding of their urban and rural infrastructure assets. With quick turnaround times, reliable data sets and a friendly team, Hummingbird’s aerial assets are available to help.


Hummingbird’s drone technology provides cost-effective solutions to mining operations, strengthening productivity and increasing efficiency. Whether it’s 3D volumetric analysis, mine shaft assessment or equipment inventory, adding Hummingbird to your list of suppliers and service providers will yield improved outcomes. Hummingbird creates products to help you manage your work site more efficiently.

Hazard Mitigation and Risk Assessment

Site and risk assessments are more effectively conducted with updated visible imagery. Hazard and risk mitigation is administered with confidence when managers and planners have reliable data to work with. Hummingbird has worked successfully on small worksites and large industrial complexes to help gather valuable decision making information.

Disaster Response

When a truck rolls over and spills oil into a body of water, or a river breaches its banks during spring thaw, Hummingbird is ready to assist in recovery and reclamation. Fast turnaround times and reviewable data sets provide constructive assistance for post-disaster analysis.

Guichon Creek flooding – 2017

In 2017, while engaged conducting flood mapping work with the Lower Nicola Indian Band, we managed to capture footage showing the incredible effort and work that goes into professional flood response.


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