Navigating through the bush can be challenging, but Hummingbird brings the work boots and high altitude perspective to deliver results no matter the challenge. With strong backgrounds in the natural resource sectors and a diverse network of experienced forest professionals, Hummingbird provides a proven and reliable service oriented towards your forestry needs.

Mapping Forestry Blocks

Whether it’s in the field or in the office, planning and managing a stand with up-to-date aerial imagery makes managing a block much more efficient. With GIS and remote sensing specialists on hand, acquiring high quality, cutting edge mapping products is accessible and effortless.

Boom Count Inventory

Counting bundles of logs in the water has never been easier. Hummingbird conducts aerial scans of your booms and offers next-day delivery for inventory counts.

Volumetric Chip Pile Assessments

With precision and accuracy, Hummingbird collects and processes aerial data into 3D models allowing volumetric analysis. Offering fast turnarounds and reliable results, auditing and understanding your inventory is simple.

Free-to-Grow Surveys

Partnering with experienced forestry professionals, Hummingbird helps to streamline the task of surveying stands as they reach free-to-grow. Collecting sample data from young forest stands in a measured approach, Hummingbird is able to reduce the cost per hectare of surveying while providing reviewable and verifiable data sets to the organizations seeking to assess their stands.


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