Flight Review Prep Course

In-Person: $149.99 / Hour

Online: $199.99

Hummingbird Drones’ In-Person and Online Flight Review Prep Course offers you the opportunity to fully prepare for the official Flight Review, one of the two requirements for the Transport Canada Pilot Certificate - Advanced Operations.

The In-Person Flight Review Prep Course offers you the ability to meet one-on-one with a lead instructor and flight reviewer to go over the mandated sections that you are expected to know for the Flight Review. The instructor and you will have the opportunity to practice flying and flight plan techniques in the field, offering you the chance to work through the Flight Review process in an environment that will be similar to your official Review.

The Online Flight Review Prep Course will provide you with a series of tutorial videos, quizzes and resources to fully prepare you for official Flight Review. You will follow along with lead instructors working through every aspect of a Flight Plan, filing NOTAMs for Confined Airspace, Navigating the Canadian Flight Supplement and more. Quizzes and assessments will allow you to test your knowledge to ensure you are confident before scheduling your Flight Review.

Before signing up for this course you should complete and pass the Advanced Test. Although not mandatory, the sequence in becoming certified has individuals passing the Advanced Test before scheduling and passing their Flight Review. The knowledge requirements for the Advanced Test are vast and we suggest taking one of our two prep courses, In-Person or Live Online, to prepare for the exam.

We are connected with experienced Flight Reviewers across the country and will happily refer you to their services if you are not local to the Kamloops area.