Flight Review


Hummingbird Drones’ Flight Review offers you the ability to satisfy one of the two requirements for the Transport Canada Pilot Certificate - Advanced Operations.

Before signing up for this course you must complete and pass the Advanced Test. The knowledge requirements for this test are vast and we suggest taking one of our two prep courses, In Person or Live Online, to prepare for the exam.

The flight review requires you to operate a drone safely based on Transport Canada’s regulations and follow a series of steps in relation to successfully executing a flight plan. We highly recommend you take our Flight Review Prep Course prior to attempting the Flight Review in order to be fully prepared.

We are connected with experienced Flight Reviewers across the country and will happily refer you to their services if you are not local to the Kamloops area.

Sign up today and you will have access to our online e-learning portal with a number of resources available to you in preparation for the review. We will then contact you about a time and location for your review.