Hummingbird offers all the necessary drone training required by Transport Canada to become a compliant UAV operator as well as a course for young people who want to learn the skills to fly safely and within legal boundaries.

All courses are taught by professional instructors, with top equipment, and are flexible in schedule.


UAV Training Course

Price: $350–750 per person


Hummingbird’s First Class UAV Training course offers new and experienced pilots the training required by Transport Canada to become a compliant UAV operator. Hummingbird offers three- and four-day courses, which include classroom and field sessions.

Hummingbird’s training course provides UAV operators with a comprehensive understanding of Transport Canada’s regulatory framework as well as practical operational skills. The course is a must for reducing liability, qualifying for standing operating authorization from Transport Canada and increasing organizational safety. Hummingbird’s First Class UAV Training course covers the following topics:

  • Air law and procedures

  • Navigation

  • Meteorology

  • General airframes, engines and systems

  • Theory of flight

  • Flight instruments

  • Flight operations

  • Human factors

  • Restricted Radio Operators Certification aeronautical qualification

Hummingbird will happily come to your place of business for an enjoyable and engaging experience. Alternatively, you’re invited to one of Hummingbird’s locally scheduled classes. 


Download more information about the course, including the schedule, and contact us today for a quote and availability.


Youth Program

Price: $350–750 per person

Looking for a savvy investment to keep that new drone airborne? Hummingbird offers a course for young people who are new to drones and air regulations. They will learn the skills needed to fly safely and ensure they aren’t breaking any rules as well as the maintenance basics to help keep that drone in the air.

A two-day course (1 classroom day, 1 field day) includes the fundamentals of flying, proper drone care and the dos and don'ts of your drone. Hummingbird’s Youth Program is fun, informative and practical. Contact us today to join one of our local classes or schedule one in your town.



Our Clients

Hummingbird’s training course provided a fun, comprehensive and hands-on experience to our team at FNESS. Hummingbird staff were very organized and professional with preparation and delivery of the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) training. First Nations Emergency Services Society of B.C. is keen to utilize and promote Hummingbird Drones to implement future UAV training for their staff and clients . This technology will enhance and support efficiencies for a range of social, environmental and economic business needs.
— Larry Price, Forest Fuel Management Specialist, First Nations Emergency Services Society
Hummingbird’s training course provided me with a strong foundation of knowledge which was delivered with an excellent blend of theory and practical experience. The Hummingbird team is very knowledgeable and able to easily convey their knowledge through the training sessions. Their team is highly engaging. I would definitely participate in more training offered by Hummingbird.
— Sonja Leverkus, PhD PAg RPBio FIT EP, Ecosystem Scientist and AFE Certified Wildland Fire Practitioner, Shifting Mosaics Consulting