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Our Story

Robert and Richard working as Initial Attack Wildfire Fighters in 2014

Robert and Richard working as Initial Attack Wildfire Fighters in 2014

Hummingbird Drones was founded in 2014 by then students and Initial Attack wildfire fighters Robert Atwood and Richard Sullivan. Seeing the untapped potential of drones to affect the way wildfire suppression efforts were conducted, they sought to make it a reality.

In 2015, after a year of product development and beta testing, Hummingbird was engaged for a trial by the BC Wildfire Service. Since then, Hummingbird has worked across western Canada, providing data and intelligence to support a variety of fireline operations.

Hummingbird has continued to refine the science of accurately detecting hotspots. Through the development of its proprietary infrared analysis software and operational expertise, Hummingbird has become the national leader in the application of drones on wildfire landscapes.

Finding equivalent applications for its technology and services in related industries, Hummingbird has successfully added new service offerings. Working with search & rescue and emergency response, it has developed the capacity to provide effective support during any crisis situation.

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Eventual expansion into forestry, mining and civil engineering has also proven successful, with Hummingbird’s portfolio growing to provide professional services and effective products across a range of industries.

The Hummingbird team has always been passionate about sharing their knowledge and experience. Since 2016, Hummingbird has offered training and comprehensive consulting services designed to build capacity and help organizations confidently implement drone technology.



Over the years, Hummingbird Drones has been featured in media outlets big and small, from CBC and The Globe and Mail to regional and municipal newspapers.


Our job takes us all over B.C. and Alberta. This gallery showcases some of the places we’ve been and views we’ve seen from the ground and the air.